Monday, February 26, 2024

US Navy Chief Based in Japan Charged With Espionage


The United States Navy charged Bryce Pedicini, a chief petty officer fire controlman assigned to the guided-missile destroyer USS Higgins in Japan with espionage, for allegedly mishandling classified information by delivering multiple documents related to "national defense" to an employee of a foreign government at least seven times between 2022 and 2023, and other crimes, according to a charge sheet filed with the military. See Full Story>

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Collapse of Illegal Gold Mine in Central Venezuela Kills 23


23 people died after an illegally operated, open pit gold mine collapsed in the Bulla Loca jungle near the rural central Venezuelan town of La Paragua, Bolivar state, a region home to a population of many Indigenous families, an accident which occurred while more than 200 miners were working at the site, making it one of the worst mining tragedies the country has seen in recent yearsSee Full Story>

Blaze in China Skyscraper Apartment Building Kills 15


Fifteen people died and more than 44 suffered injuries after a fire broke out in a skyscraper apartment complex in the Yuhautai district of the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing City, an area home to more than 8 million residents, a blaze which apparently originated on the ground floor of an e-bike parking lot and quickly spread throughout the building. See Full Story>

Spain Apartment Fire Leaves at Least 10 Dead, 15 Missing


Ten people died and more than a dozen are still missing after a fire ripped through a high-rise apartment complex in the western Campanar neighborhood of the Spanish port city of Valencia, charring two of its buildings, with officials initially blaming the severity of the blaze on a highly flammable insulation cladding used during their construction. See Full Story>

Kansas City Radio DJ Killed, 21 Injured at Super Bowl Parade Mass Shooting

Two juveniles have been charged with gun-related crimes involving a mass shooting at the Kansas City Chief's victory parade and rally celebration in honor of their Super Bowl win against the San Francisco 49ers, after gunmen opened fire, killing a prominent radio DJ host, and injured 21 others, many of whom were children. See Full Story>